My Sister Seduced My Girlfriend

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 81/kb
My Sister Seduced My Girlfriend

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My girlfriend Lea comes over to my house looking for me but in stead finds my sister Evelynn. Lea is a hot Latina and it doesn’t take Ev long to hit on her. It must have been a mutual attraction because I understand that Lea was all for it. Ev leads Lea downstairs to our guest room where they both get their clothes off and start to make out. Ev told me all the juicy details. Ev is the aggressive type and soon had Lea on her back with her legs spread. She sucked her tits first and then moved right down to Lea’s dripping honey pot.. Lea likes to smoke during sex so she lights up a cigarette while my sister eats her pussy. Ev puts a couple of fingers into Lea’s cunt and Lea starts to climb the walls seeking that first orgasm. My sister finger bangs my girlfriend to pleasure. Lea grabs her breast and cum’s. Now Ev wants to have an orgasm. She lights up a cigarette and has Lea finger bang her from behind. She tells Lea exactly what to do until my sister has an orgasm of her own.

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