Mother Daughter Blackmailed Into Having Hot Lesbian Sex

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Mother Daughter Blackmailed Into Having Hot Lesbian Sex

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Sandra Brandford is a partner in a well known law firm. Today the senior managing partner calls her into his office and tells her that her daughter who they hired under her recommendation, has been placing ads on social media trying to have sex with older women. Mrs. Brandford is flabbergasted knowing this is a direct violation of company policy. Her daughter Dylan is called into the office and confronted about her policy violation. The boss tells them they are both in jeopardy of losing their positions at the firm unless they work something out. Both mother and daughter are very nervous and ask if they could smoke a cigarette in his office. He knows he has them in a bind so he tells them point blank that he wants to watch mother and daughter have sex with each other in front of him at his house. The alternative is to be fired from the firm. He gives them a little time to consider the offer but they know they have little choice. Finally they agree to his proposition. Sandra and Dylan meet over at their employer’s home. They change into negligees’ and lie down on his bed. When the boss is ready he tells them to start the show. Both mother and daughter start out slowly but soon get worked up into a lesbian frenzy and bring each other to orgasm.

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