Mother And Daughter Get Turned On To Each Other Looking At A Magazine

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Mother And Daughter Get Turned On To Each Other Looking At A Magazine

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Anna is sitting on her bed checking her messages on her phone, when her Mom Ciara walks in and checking to see if she finished all her chores and telling her how impressed she is. Ciara does find a Penthouse magazine on the floor, but Anna denies it is her, instead she tells her that it is her Dads. Ciara sits down on the bed with Anna and they sift through the magazine. Ciara pulls out one of her big breasts and asking Anna if she thinks it looks like one of the models in the magazine. Then she asks her about her but as she lifts her short skirt. Anna thinks her Moms ass is nice. As they continue looking through the magazine, Anna starts smoking and offers her Mom a cigarette as well. As Ciara scoots back on the bed, Anna notices that she is not wearing any undies and she starts rubbing herself. Ciara starts getting undressed and admits looking at the magazine makes her a bit hot, too. Ciara tells her Daughter how she used to be a erotic dancer and Anna confesses she had thought about becoming one as well. They admit to each other how the magazine has made them both so horny and things get started from there. Ciara undresses herself as Anna watches and rubs her pussy. Ciara gets on the bed and pulls off Annas panties, then scoots down and starts kissing her pussy. Anna in turn sucks her Moms big tits, they suck and kiss each other and simulate fucking each other until they both have orgasms. Until next time sweet Angel, Ciara tells her daughter as they kiss each other for the last time.

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