Mom Discovers Lesbian Side Of Daughter After Standing Her Up For A Dinner Date

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Mom Discovers Lesbian Side Of Daughter After Standing Her Up For A Dinner Date

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Jayden is in the living room smoking and waiting for her mother to get home from the club. They were supposed to meet for dinner but when her mom didn’t show up Jayden went looking for her. She found her mom at a known lesbian hangout. Her mother was all over another woman and they were playing suck face and suck pussy in the VIP room. Jayden was pissed that her mother stood her up to be with another woman. When her mom came home Jayden confronted her about her antics at the club. She tells her mom that she wants what the other girl got. She blackmails her mom into dancing for her. Gianna finally agrees to do a striptease for her daughter. Jayden watches her mom strip down to her lacy underwear. Suddenly Jayden gets out of the chair and goes over to her mom. Jayden starts to masturbate her mother through her panties. Her mother is shocked Gianna thought this was just some way for her daughter to get even with her for standing her up. Now she realizes that Jayden is a serious lesbian and is trying to have sex with her. Jayden lifts up her dress and forces her mother to her knees. Jayden pulls her mothers face to her crutch and makes her mother eat her wet pussy. Gianna resists at first but the smell and taste of her daughters sweet young pussy is driving her crazy. Gianna and Jayden go down to the floor and have passionate lesbian sex. Afterward both enjoy a cigarette with each other.

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