Magic Spell turns Son Into Daughter And Now She Masturbates With Mom

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Magic Spell turns Son Into Daughter And Now She Masturbates With Mom

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Ciara is a white witch and for her son’s 21st birthday she has gone to the leader of her coven and asked for a spell that would allow her son to change anything about himself that he likes. This is a powerful spell and requires an ancient medallion to make it work. Ciara gives her son Tom the medallion and tells him that it has the power to change anything about his body that he wishes. Tom is excited and goes into Ciara’s room to use the medallion. Ciara phones her coven leader and thanks her for the medallion an spell. Ciara goes to her bedroom to check on Tom but too her amazement a beautiful young woman opens the door. Right at a crucial time in the spell, Tom’s mind wandered and he wondered what it would like to be a woman. To make it even worse, Ciara tells Tom that the spell only works once and now he will be a woman forever. Mother and now her daughter go into Ciara’s room to smoke a cigarette and figure this thing out. Ciara let’s her know all the advantages to being a girl. They decide to change Tom’s name to Dillon. Ciara and Dillon try on clothes and check out Dillon’s new body. Ciara brings out some sex toys to try out on her new daughter. They both have big tits that they play with and they smoke again while they masturbate each other to orgasms.

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