Little Sister Has Lesbian Sex For A Second Time

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Little Sister Has Lesbian Sex For A Second Time

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My sister Evelyn has had her first lesbian relationship with her best friend Lea They are in our backyard and explore the freedom of both being nude together there. Initially they both go out to have a cigarette together. Evelyn undresses Lea and they both begin to touch each other. It is very slow and sensuous. They go back into the house to my sisters bedroom. They kiss each other softly until my sister becomes very aroused. She pushes Lea to the bed dominating her. They dry fuck pussy to pussy until it’s not enough for Evelyn. She gets out her strap on and begins to fuck Lea with it. Evelyn has a smoking fetish and makes Lea smoke as she fucks her. At first lea sits on the dildo impaling herself on my sisters synthetic cock. Then Evelyn rolls Lea to her back and starts to fuck her in earnest until each cums. In another scene they do a sensuous lesbian dance together kissing and touching each other.

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