Daughter Threatens Mom To Tell Dad About Her Lesbian Affairs

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Daughter Threatens Mom To Tell Dad About Her Lesbian Affairs

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Vanessa is in the kitchen waiting on her Mom, who finally comes home at 3 in the morning. Debbie asks Vanessa what she is still doing up and Vanessa confronts her with the knowledge of her going to the same bars she frequents and trying to pick up girls her age. Debbie says it is ridiculous and that she loves her Daddy, but Vanessa is embarrassed and tells her Mom that all of her friends have been calling her and telling her about it. Debbie laughs it off and goes over to Vanessa to give her a kiss and tells her how she loves her, but Vanessa is grossed out by the Pussy smell on her Mom. She threatens to call her Dad who is on a business trip in California, so he can finally get a divorce and keep all of his money to buy her whatever she wants.Debbie says she can buy her everything, too and invites her to go shopping the next day for new clothes and a car. As Debbie goes into the Bedroom, Vanessa decides she wants to humiliate her Mom before taking her up on this shopping trip and follows Debbie into the Bedroom. There she sees her Mom having a Cigarette and a Scotch and has her hand her the Drink. As she sits there she talks her Mom into dancing and stripping for her, because she wants to know how her Mom is seducing the girls. As she watches Debbie, she becomes horny and gets on her parents bed and starts taking off her pants and fingering herself. She coerces her Mom into climbing into the bed and making out with her. Vanessa wants her Mom to show what she does to make all the girls want her. Debbie protests that this is incest, but Vanessa keeps blackmailing her Mom with wanting to call her Dad. So Debbie starts to eat her pussy and rubbing her tits.Vanessa is now really into it. They kiss passionately and Debbie is rubbing herself up and down on Vanessa, bringing them both to orgasms. Then Debbie climbs on Vanessa’s face and Vanessa is now eating her Moms pussy while fingering herself to another orgasm. Vanessa finally promises not to say anything to her Dad and tells her Mom she loves her.

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