Daughter Pays Back Mom The Money She Took

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Daughter Pays Back Mom The Money She Took

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Anna is sitting on the couch texting to one of her friends when her stepmother Ciara comes into the room. Ciarra is obviously pretty angry and begins waiving an empty envelope in front of Anna’s face. Ciarra tells Anna that she had $400.00 in the envelope. She was saving that money for a new set of tires on her car. Anna admits she took the money and used it to pay back a long standing debt. She tells her mom that she is getting a job at a men’s club and soon will be able to pay her back. Surprisingly Ciarra isn’t mad about Anna getting that type of job she even ask if Anna has any kind of dancing skills. Anna tells her mom that she has been practicing and offers to show her. Ciara sits back on the couch and lights up a cigarette. Her daughter does a slow and sensual striptease in front of her. When Anna is completely naked she starts to give her stepmother a lapdance. She can tell her mother is aroused so she starts to unbutton her shirt. Anna has small little tits but her stepmother has huge tits that she’s always wanted to touch. Anna squirms on top of her mom and her wet pussy juice is running onto her mothers leg. They begin to make hot lesbian love to each other fucking until they orgasm. Then they both lay back in each others arms and smoke another cigarette.

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