Daughter Meets Hot Lesbian Lover Online

Clip Time: 7 Minutes Clip Size: 81/kb
Daughter Meets Hot Lesbian Lover Online

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Mallory is in her basement using her laptop to surf lesbian meeting site on line. On this site you can meet other women that are looking for a lesbian relationship. Mallory talks to several women and even gives them glimpses of herself via web cam. Soon she meets someone that seems to be just perfect for her. They chat and send seductive but unrevealing video to each other without totally revealing their identity. When both are sure that they want to meet they simultaneously reveal their faces. Mallory is shocked to see that the other woman she’s been chatting with is her very own mother. Later that evening Mallory goes over to her moms house to get some kind of explanation. Her mom Aarin is embarrassed about the whole thing. In Aarin’s bedroom they talk the whole thing out. Soon it’s obvious that while Aarin is embarrassed, Mallory is turned on. She begins to make sexual ovations toward her mother. Aarin thinks Mallory is just being playful at first. However she quickly realizes that Mallory is trying to seduce her for real. Mallory keeps touching her mother breast and begins to take her clothes off. Aarin tries to resist her daughter but the feeling between her legs and her daughters lips pressing against hers is overwhelming. Mallory strips out of her clothes and plants her pussy on her moms face. Aarin buries her tongue in her daughters wet pussy and they make hot steamy lesbian love.

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