Daughter Makes Moms Fantasy Come True

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Daughter Makes Moms Fantasy Come True

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Jane’s daughter Anna comes home and goes into her mother’s room, to sneak one of her mother’s cigarettes. While she is there, she notices her mother’s diary semi hidden under her pillow. She knows it’s wrong but can’t help herself so she opens the diary and begins to read some of the passages, To Anna’s surprise, it is a story about mother and daughter incest. At first she laughs about it, but then as she is reading the story, she finds that she is actually being turned on by it. About that time Jane walks into the room. Jane is a legal secretary and is pretty worn out from a long day at the office and more than surprised to find her daughter reading her diary. Both women have a cigarette together andAnna presses her mom about the story in the diary. You can see that Jane is very embarrassed about the subject. She asks Anna to give her diary and to please forget what she read. Anna again presses her mom about the lesbian sex and tries to convince her mom that incest between two consenting adults is acceptable. Jane really doesn’t want to talk about it, Anna begins to touch her mom and starts to take off her own clothes. Her mother tries to get her to cover up, but Anna keeps pushing. Finally Anna strips to nude and pulls her mother toward her. She starts taking her mother’s clothes off and Jane tries to resist, Anna is much stronger and soon has all of Jane’s clothes off. Jane has large breasts and Anna forces her mom back on the bed and begins to kiss her on the neck and fingers her pussy. Jane is beginning to resist less and less. Anna puts her mouth between her mother’s legs and starts licking her clit. At that point, Jane totally gives in to her daughter and they begin to have hot, lesbian sex. They take another cigarette break and blow smoke all over each others body. Anna want’s to make her mother’s last fantasy come true so she gets out her mother’s strap-on dildo and fucks her pussy with it.

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